Installing SCCM R3 Clients

In order to fully utilise the Power-Management functionality of SCCM R3 you will need to upgrade the clients using the microsoft KB977384

This latest hotfix includes support for ConfigMgr with International Client Pack.

However when you push Clients from SCCM R3, using the included Client install files you will still find that you have Client version 4.00.6487.2000 (or 4.00.6487.2700 if you have ICP).

The new Client version is 4.00.6487.2157 (or 4.00.6487.2857 with ICP).

So after installing new clients in your R3 environment you will still need to push the hotfix. I tried putting the patch in the ‘patch’ folder of the ConfigMgr Client installation source, and tried using the OSD Task Sequence.

The worst thing that happened when using as part of a Task Sequence is if you are deploying to an off-domain machine, and using ConfigMgr Client installation parameters in the original package, then the parameters get lost when the hotfix reinstalls the client, leaving you with errors in the LocationServices.log about failing to find the SLP.

So the choices are testing with the patch folder or the “patch=” parameter or rolling out the client after the machines have been deployed and have joined the domain, providing you are AD-integrated. I prefer the latter, although it seems a little long-winded I know I won’t have a problem in OSD, and I don’t really need R3 functionality during the OSD phase.

In any case, I need to roll out software updates after the OSD phase anyway because the Install Software Updates section for Windows 7 isn’t working properly. Waiting on Microsoft for that one…


3 thoughts on “Installing SCCM R3 Clients

  1. Nash February 17, 2011 / 8:55 pm

    If someone does decide to deploy this during OSD, the instructions are included in the KB article towards the bottom. Install KB977384 during a [OSD] task sequence:

  2. andrewdcraig February 18, 2011 / 8:48 am

    Yes, I initially used the “PATCH=” parameter in the command line with the hotfix as described in that KB article but the patch would not install. I tried then using it in the Task Sequence, but as I said, and as it correctly says in the KB, it stops the service and the TS fails, but it also overwrites the specific Parameters you may have used in the CCM Step. Anyway turns out that it probably wasn’t working as per the KB, because the first release of hotfix did not support multi-language, ICP. Now that I have the updated hotfix I will try again.

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