Policypv Unknown SQL Error

Came across this nice little nugget today. The site seemed generally in order, mostly green, but the Policy Provider was in a Warning state. Looking in the status messages I found hundreds of Unknown SQL Errors. The policypv.log didn’t shed much more light on the supposed problem. Probably had the site been in a more intensive operational state someone would have noticed that they couldn’t add new Software Update packages, for instance.
The problem itself is a common one in the SQL Server world, stored procedures cannot be remotely executed. In this case the sp_updpolicyresmap.
And the most common cause is a SQL DBA or a Server Admin being proactive and improving the server by adding or reconfiguring new disks. To do this they detach the databases, make the changes and reattach. What sometimes happens though, is that for reasons unknown to me the Trustworthy state of the database reverts to false and the sa loses ownership.
Easy to fix though:
USE [databasename]
EXECUTE sp_changedbowner ‘sa’

ALTER DATABASE [databasename]


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