SCCM Add Computer Associations with Powershell – Download Executable

Ok, here is an exe version of this tool. The code inside is also a bit tidier.
Download the zip file from here:

Extract and copy the files to a location of choice but make a note of where.
Run the exe from a powershell or command window, or create a shortcut. You must use the following command line syntax:

powershell.exe [pathToExecutable] -Arguments -ConfigFile [pathToXML]
For Example:
powershell.exe F:\scripts\sccm\ACATSV409.exe -Arguments -ConfigFile “F:\scripts\SCCM”

When run from a powershell window of course you don’t need powershell.exe at the front.
At first run you will get a message to insert site provider (fqdn of sccm site server) and then site code (xxx).

That’s it, have fun. The IP Address and Firmware functions on the front page just set Machine Variables – in order to use these you need to create Task Sequences with Conditions.


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