Set PoSh ExecutionPolicy For SCCM TS

I have some powershell scripts to run as part of an OSD Task Sequence, to configure things like Power Plans and Optical Drive lettering for instance.
The first thing I want to do is set the execution policy on the target machine to RemoteSigned.

How do you remotely change the execution policy on a machine when you cannot run a script against it?

You can use the input parameters of the powershell.exe (EXE):

use the command switch to input a script block.

powershell.exe -noprofile -command “& {set-executionpolicy remotesigned -force}”

Use ‘noprofile’ to run without loading a powershell profile and the ‘-force’ switch to suppress the confirmation request.

For SCCM, create a Software Distribution package containing the scripts, then create a program with the command line as above.


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